- Maintaining your Candles -

Wax Burning

It is critical to burn each candle completely to the rim, especially with the first burn. By doing this, wax tunneling is avoided which will extend the life of the candle and produce a more appealing look. Soy wax may develop a "memory" and not burn past the last point, another reason why the first burn is so important. See the examples shown to the right. 


How not to burn 


Melted to sides

Wick Trimming

Soy wax burns at a lower temperature than paraffin wax and requires larger surface area to burn via larger wicks. These wicks are not self-trimming like many paraffin wax candles are. Trimming the wick before each burn is important for several reasons: 

1. Prevent "mushrooming" of the wicks which can result in soot formation or dirty burning
2. Prevent curling of the wick and inconsistent burning
3. Longer burn time with a smaller flame
4. Safer due to a smaller flame




Trimmed wicks